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Products and Services

Web Design

     Acorn WebWorks, Inc. has been providing quality web design and marketing since 1996. We work with businesses and individuals all over the country and would like to help you establish an effective web presence.

     You probably know a high school student who can create a webpage for you or may even have made a page yourself. Indeed, you might have used someone else's services and felt that, even though it looked "cool", it just wasn't being "successful".

     We have the experience and expertise to be able to create practical websites. After all, don't you want your website to "do something" for you?
We understand the behind-the-scenes needs of a successful website. We know - and can do - what is necessary.

     We also have a subsidiary service for the For Sale By Owner homeseller interested in using the web to sell their homes by themselves, saving thousands in real estate commissions. For more information, please go to Sell-Your-Home-FSBO.com


     Creating a website is not the end of the process, but just the beginning. With over 8 and a half million sites already on the web, and more every day, just posting your website does not mean anyone will ever find it. And simply submitting it to search engines or using a mass search engine submitter doesn't guarantee any better results, regardless of the hype or advertising.

     We will design a marketing package designed for your particular needs and market. This includes optimizing your website for search engine and directory placement. We will also provide web advising based on years of experience and successfully helping other businesses be successful with their web presence.

     Our For Sale By Owner marketing services are specialized for that particular market. More information is available at Sell-Your-Home-FSBO.com.

Web Hosting/Domain Name

     We can both provide and arrange for web hosting, depending on your needs. We recommend certain companies as we use them ourselves and are extremely pleased with their services. However, we will work with whomever you chose.

     We can also take care of purchasing your domain name (e.g. http://yourbusinessname.com) as well as renewing it when appropriate.

Web Advising

     Creating a website and making it work for you is more than just typing a Word document, adding a couple of images, and saving it as HTML -- and, yes, you can create a website that easily.

     To have an effective web presence, you need a professional looking website - one that reflects the quality of the business or service you are trying to advertise - as well as a marketing plan. But you also need something else...an understanding of what a website can...and cannot do for you.

     There are many web designers. Most, however, focus more on style than substance -- not because they wish to provide less than satisfactory service, but because they do not have the experience and expertise to know when they are not providing you with the service and advice you need.

     For example, many web design services emphasize that they will "blast your website to over 10,000 search engines" or some such hype. Even we do this with our For Sale By Owner websites because those particular clients expect it and think it of value. However, as we make clear to all the people who utilize our FSBO services, this is as pointless a service as can be bought on the web today. Indeed, the top search engines, such as Google, may even penalize your website for submitting this way. But most web designers are not even aware of this.

     We will provide you with the appropriate information for your goals and your website.


     We can help you create, package and market your e-books.

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