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Our Privacy Statement

Answers to the following questions are required by online seal of privacy sites such as the Better Business Bureau, TrustE and BizRate. We fully support their efforts to make the Internet a safe and secure place, and gladly welcome the opportunity to do our part.

What personal information is being gathered by your site

The only personal information we collect is what is provided by you openly. We do not use cookies or other hidden means of gathering information.
Who is collecting the information

We do on our various request forms. We do not use third parties to collect information, nor do we provide it to third parties except as specifically agreed upon by you, as in For Sale By Owner services.
How the information will be used

Information is used to create your websites, make requested proposals & estimates, and to send you requested information.

For example, if you download one of our free booklets, we will automatically contact you at intervals to see if we can help you with more services. You do, however, have the opportunity - at any point - to immediately remove your name from further contact by us.
With whom the information will be shared

The ONLY personal information we will share is that information you have given us permission to share.

For example, if we are advertising a For Sale By Owner property for you, we specifically ask if you want your name and address used in your advertising. If you say "no", we don 't use it. We will use phrases such as "available upon request" and leave it up to you to contact respondents.
The choices available to users regarding collection, use, and distribution of their information: You must offer users an opportunity to opt-out of internal secondary uses as well as third-party distribution for secondary uses.

You may opt out of being contacted by us at any time. Opt-out information is provided on each of our follow-up emails, and opt-out is effective immediately. You may also choose what information you do not want provided on your web page and in your advertising and change it at any time for no additional fees.
The security procedures in place to protect users' collected information from loss misuse, or alteration: If your site collects, uses, or distributes personally identifiable information such as credit card or social security numbers, accepted transmission protocols (e.g. encryption) must be in place.

For those people making payments online, we use only secure services...those of 2 Checkout, Kagi and PayPal.
How users can update or correct inaccuracies in their pertinent information: Appropriate measures shall be taken to ensure that personal information collected online is accurate, complete, and timely, and that easy-to-use mechanisms are in place for users to verify that inaccuracies have been corrected.

Contact us and corrections will be made ASAP!




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